aquatic experience

Billed as "Everything Aquatic Under One Roof", the World Pet Association is having their first Aquatic Experience in Chicago this weekend. Speakers slated to give talks include Zeb Hogan, Heiko Bleher, Oliver Lucanus, Laif DeMason and Rusty Wessel. In a departure from the traditional speakers, Aquatic Experience will also be presenting a lineup of aquatic industry professionals representing manufacturers and retailers. The event is being held at the Schaumburg Convention Center, which boasts its 100,000 square foot facility. It will include a shark encounter tank, fish displays from around the world and manufacturer booths. This experience is definitely a departure from the traditional cichlid club conventions and may seem a little commercial. Nonetheless, it has a great lineup of speakers and activities. For some it might also provide an opportunity to see many of the latest products from the biggest manufacturers in the aquatic industry.

If you live in the Chicago area make sure to visit the Aquatic Experience website for more information.

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