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Hi All,

I have a Betta Lifespace 1000 280L/68G marine tank which I used to keep as a reef tank. I came back to Malawi's / Tanganyikans and kept the tank and plan to make the following changes in the next couple of weeks:-

The tank is currently running with a sump so I plan to replace the sump with a Fluval FX5 and block off the top of the wier with a small piece of glass, siliconed in place.

Lighting is by 4x 39w T5 lamps with Arcadia reflectors and 4x blue LED moonlight strips.

I said that I came back to freshwater as I had a smaller Malawi tank before the marine.

My current stock is:-

3 J. Marlieri
1 N. Cylindricus
2 L. Caeruleus
3 S. Fryeri
2 A. Comp Goldhead
2 A. Comp
3 A. Calvus Black
2 Ps. Crabro
6 C. Borleyi (Kadango)
1 T. Moorii (Kasanga Red Rainbow)
5 L. Trevawasae (1m 4 F)

I must admit, I look at other tanks and think WOW, but i never feel the same about my own.

As you can see from the photo, I have a pile of ocean rock which has nicely covered with algae.

I would like to move this pile, which forms a mound in the middle of the tank, to the back and build it up higher to cover the rear. The substrate is black sand with a couple of handfuls of crushed coral sand.

I would like you opinions, advice and comments on how I could aquascape this tank better and your suggestions on stocking.

I look forward to your comments.


Pete, Cornwall UK

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What are the dimensions of the tank?

I'd select one among Tanganyikan, mbuna or hap and go from there, depending on the dimensions.

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39" x 27" which makes it less than 48" long. Many Africans are territorial and will defend a space on the substrate so extra gallons and height are not usually helpful.

Width is helpful, but length is best so the fish can have maximum space between them without neighbors.

So I'd stock it like a generous 36" tank or a skimpy 48" tank.

I would not stock the fryeri, crabro, borleyi or trewavasae as a 75G rectangle would be the ideal minimum for them. Malawi are harem breeders and do better with 1m:4f type groups rather than pairs, trios or even quads. Labidochromis caeruleus could work, they like to be in groups of 5-6.

It would also make a nice Tang tank with one rock dweller (Altolamps, Juli's or Cylindricus) and a shellie colony of multifasciatus and a group of paracyprochromis.
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