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Aquarium Safe Rubber

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We are adding a third tank to our house and purchased a cascade 1200 elite and cascade 1000. I would like to find aquarium safe rubber, silicone sheets or neoprene to make gaskets. I would like to wrap the top basket with rubber to stop any bypass. I don't believe I have a major problem with bypass, but I want to be sure. If anyone know of a product I can purchase, I would appreciate your advice?

Thanks, Rob
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Rob, I have never owned this filter brand though I do see a lot of comments on fish forums about the bypass 'issue'. What some people have done is add some filter batting, not filter floss, either around the outside of the bottom tray held in place by fishing line or around the gap between the top tray and the filter housing.

I wouldn't use filter floss as there is the potential to have loose strands possibly get caught in the impeller. Try using Poly-fil brand Traditional Batting from a craft or sewing store. I've used the latter as a fine media pad in my canister and power filters without any issues.
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