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Hi there.
I'm looking to purchase the above tank, it's the 182 litre version.
Going back to tanganyikans again probably.
Was thinking of..

Single Calvus
Single Leulepi
Julie Regani 1m/2f
And possibly some multies

Would this be doable in this tank.
Dimensions are 122 L/36 D/ 45 H


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Welcome to Cichlid-forum!

It could be done (except maybe the leleupi with the shellies) but IMO it would be a boring tank.

When kept as singles, Tangs often don't show much personality...hiding or freezing in place. They are more comfortable in pairs or groups depending on the species. Having a good number of fish in the tank makes them comfortable so they are out and about.

Multies plus julidochromis and some fish that are NOT rockdwellers for the upper water like cyprichromis.

Go with a dozen cyps and six multies. Then start with six julidochromis and expect a pair to form with the other juli's being rejected from the tank when they mature.
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