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I have a 1m/2f trio of Apistogramma Agasizzi in a heavily planted 55G, with about 10 each of cardinal tetras and rummynose. The only other tankmates are a small school of otos. Parameters are great, and everybody has been in there since August with no losses (female #3 was bullied and died after about a month).

My issue is that my tetras are absolute pigs, and the apistos aren't aggressive eaters. I'm trying to transition them to flake and pellets, my fat f-ing tetras eat all the prepared food before my apistos have a chance. The male and one female will come to the surface to eat flake, and the other female will only eat flake if it sinks to her, but they get way less food than the tetras do because they're so low key. I've resorted to pipetting them bloodworms or frozen brine shrimp every few days to make sure they're well fed, but they just don't seem to be good at spotting food, and the tetras will literally take food out of their mouths!

Has anyone else had this issue? Any solutions? I feel like they're the bigger fish and should be winning this battle! I gave away my old 29g, so re-homing them in a species-specific tank isn't a realistic option.

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