Apistogramma megastoma

Male Apistogramma megastoma is breeding colors. Photo from publication

Found in the Río Jutai along the border of Peru and Brazil, Apistogramma megastoma has finally been described. This species has gone by temporary and trade names including A. sp. "Diamond Face" and A. sp. "Jutai". Dominant males normally sport a light rust color but will change when being aggressive or mating to the coloration in the image above. Subdominant males can display vertical barring. Females on the other hand are a bright yellow with a dark band on their cheek. Images of the different colors can be seen in the Vertebrate Zoology article on Senckenberg.de.

A unique feature of Apistogramma megastoma is that it is one of the few Apistogramma species which mouthbroods their young. A. megastoma, with its large mouth, is a maternal mouthbrooder that picks up and carries the young once they have hatched. For more information on this unique species check out the Vertebrate Zoology article. To discuss A. megastoma visit the South American Species forum.