Apistogramma helkeri

Apistogramma helkeri. Photo by Frans Vermeulen​

A new species of dwarf Apistogramma has been formally described. Apistogramma helkeri, named after collector Oliver Helker who found the fish, becomes the 83rd described Apistogramma species. Currently found only in a black-water swamp of the lower río Cuao, a tributary of the lower río Sipapo in Venezuela. Individual Apistogramma species are known to be limited to small ranges which is one of the reasons there are so many different species in the Apistogramma genus.

The detailed description of Apistogramma helkeri can be found on Senckenberg.de in pdf format. For more information on keeping the small tank friendly dwarf Appistogramma, check out the Apisto Keeping & Maintenance article by David Soares.