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Hi all,

I have been trying some Apistogramma species since November with very bad luck. The first ones I tried were A. cacatuoides. The male I got died in one day. I did not quarantine them and within a few days I lost 5 Nannacara anomala with that mala Apisto. 1 Nannacara survived along with the female.
The only thing of note is that I had noticed once they got home that the male was very unhappy looking, clamped fins etc... I figured it was the stress of bringing them home. A month later I ship in a pair of A. agassizii. I learned my lesson and quarantined in a separate tank. The male died the next day and the female died within a day or two afterwards. Two weeks ago I tried with tank raised A. borellii and both are dead as of today. All of them lived in different fish tanks. They were all of them alone, in quarantine. I did regular water changes, but I don't know, maybe not enough. The A. borellii tank looked a little dirty today, so maybe I was not keeping up with it as much as I thought. These looked very healthy and young when they arrived. I'm chalking this lose up to bad husbandry.

What is the science of keeping these guys alive. Should I be medicating them as soon as I get them? I've never medicated fish before.

The only other dwarf cichlids I own are Nannacara anomala. I replaced the ones I lost, and now I have those 6 (in two tanks) plus the lone surviving male from the first batch. They seem fine with my husbandry. They grew fast, look healthy etc...

I used distilled water and aged tap. 9 distilled -1 tap mix. I keep the temp between 75-78. Sometimes I play with the temp settings to see what works better. I feed two varieties of cichlid pellets and a brine shrimp based flake food. I keep Ammonia and Nitrite at 0. My nitrates were climbing as of late, but when I get 20ppm I panic and change ten gallons of water, thats 50% for the Nannacara tank and 75% for the other quarantine tanks.

My grand plan. I have a 75 gallon display tank. I just set it up and have a ton of tiny new plants from tissue culture. I hope to have a heavily planted tank. I was hoping to keep a peaceful species of Apistogramma. I like the colours on the A. agassizi Orange types, I love the A. borelliis. I picture a tank with lots of Cardinal tetras, Corys and somekind of dwarf cichlid.

So, have I just had bad luck, bad husbandry, a mix of the two or what? I want to learn how to keep these guys successfully.

Any and all advice is welcome.

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Husbandry sounds fine to me. Perhaps it was an issue with the fish or transport.

There's a somewhat local guy who typically has lots of Apistos in stock. He provides fish occasionally for the GCCA (Cichlid club in Chicago) auctions and sells at the shows. PM if interested for the vendor info.
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