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I read/saw this idea about something to use for apisto caves. If I remember correctly it reminded me, from description, of a sugar bowl with hole cut in side complete with the lid, this would make it less disturbing to peak inside cave then a regular upside down pot. This "sugar bowl" would be great to move mother, cave, and eggs all at once to another tank (if I wanted to at later date) using the cottage cheese container trick.

Anyways I have been going through my bookmarks and for the life of me I can't remember where I read or saw it at. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I vaguely remember this was maybe a DIY or something picked up at home depot and adapted to apisto cave use but I have searched.... And searched.... And seached in the DIY and SA forums here as well as various other forums and can't find what I read/saw before. This is starting to drive me crazy not remembering where I saw or read about it.

Thanks in advance

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