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api test kits

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besides from the extremely close colors being a pain... :lol: does anyone have some of the water come out while shaking it? or is there somthing wrong with my lids?
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does anyone have some of the water come out while shaking it? or is there somthing wrong with my lids?
Always happens to me too.
at least i'm not the only one i guess :thumb:
Yeah same here. They pretty much suck but my LFS doesn't really carry anything else. :lol:
I still think they're the best kits out there. Just wrap it in a paper towel or something.
Some of the bottles are labelled "corrosive," "irritant" and "harmful." It's not a bad idea to wear a glove to avoid getting the leakage on your hands (I have boxes of latex gloves I picked up for another application. I just reuse the same one when testing till it gets worn out enough to replace). If you use enough paper towel or a clean rag, that would do the trick too.
LOL-Same here as well. :lol:
+1 paper towel
Yup. I think there must be a gas generated from the reaction.

Wow.. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I actually sent an email to API complaining about the leaky vials, but I haven't heard back from them yet. If I do, I'll let you all know what they say.

I seem to only have a problem with leaks when I'm testing for Nitrates, and I have to shake for a long time. I started using paper towels to wrap the vial up when I shake it, I was tired of getting splatter everywhere.
I called and complained; they said they would replace the vials.

I have 2 that don't leak like that. I have 2 that do. Haven't tried my other 2 yet.
A test seems to be when adding reagent #1 and mixing, no leaks. When adding the second chemical and shaking it starts to leak a little. That suggests that there's a little gas released from the reaction.

No biggie IMHO. I think all of mine leak a little.

Haven't had this problem yet luckily. I did notice API is located in Chalfont PA which is minutes from my house :lol: I'll know where to go if I have a problem :p
Well I'll take that back. Bought a nitrate test kit today and when I shook it, it might as well been like I never put the top on. :oops:
I just picked up a masterkit today and tested out all the vials while marking them for their functions. didn't get a single leak. maybe it's luck of the draw concerning the lids.
I've only ever had a problem with leaking on the nitrate test. I just wrap a napkin or paper towel around it while I shake it.
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