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So I bought an API test kit today to measure my phosphates and both of the colour charts in my kit are labelled "saltwater" although the colours on them are completely different.

Do you think this could be a miss-print and one of them is actually a freshwater chart?

One of them is yellow at 0ppm, green blue at 5ppm and blue at 10pmm, the other one is a greeny yellow at 0ppm, dark green at 5ppm and navy blue at 10ppm.

Is there anyone else out there that has this kit and can tell me if one of the charts I have is the freshwater chart but has been incorrectly labelled as saltwater?

I will probably go back to the LFS where I bought the kit to exchange the card but its a pain because I wont be able to get there till late next week and I really want to test my phosphates now!

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