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anything else I might need or suggestions!

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We have a 135 gallon with a Rena xP4 filter, 2 heater, a powerhead.
We have added 3 pieces of fake drift, 81 lbs of flagstones, don't know how many lbs. of river rock and pebbles, and several silk plants (oh and I bought a Lava rock from a family friend :) was just going to borrow it but she said that she would sale it to us for next to nothing) I am think we have totally decided to stick with Mbunas. The one thing I worry about is the rocks in the bottom or should we go with sand? We have added black backing to this tank that isn't shown in the pic.

Here's a pic

Is there anything else I might need to do or any sugguests.
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A background would definetly help tie it all together. You might also consider adding more filtration. If you plan on keeping Mbuna it's best to have higher then normal stocking levels to help pass around aggression and larger filter turnover rates become a must.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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