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Anyone have photos of young (2 inch) Trimac and flowerhorns

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I'm looking for side by side photos of young trimacs versus young flowerhorns.

Preferably both at around 2 inches in length.

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Ok thank you guys...

I picked one up today that was labeled as a flowerhorn, but at 2" I'm thinking it might be hard to tell.

It does have lots of silver spangles though...

My Q tank is a bit hazy, so, once I get it cleared up I'll snap a photo or two and see if we can determine what it really is.

Not that it really matters - I only paid $3 for him!
Ok guys - posting photos in a new thread... After closer looking, I think this may be a Flowerhorn mixed with something else? ... 13#1181813
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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