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Any other cory lovers here?

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I tried my hand at shellies. I sold a breeding colony of gold occies back to the LFS yesterday because I realized that I am a SA guy at heart. I converted the tank (a 20 long) to a cory tank. I have 6 sterbai, and will be adding a dozen hastatus when they come in.

It occurs to me that of all of my fish, the corys are one of my favorites. My Bolivian rams are close, though! :D

We'll see what happens if (or rather when) I get a six foot tank for a shoal of S. leucosticta...
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big fan of cory's as well, they were always my favorite fish as a kid.

I plan on putting some in my planted sa tank, but the water is at 80, so I've been hesitant to do it just yet. I hear the sterbai are more tolerant of the warmer water though, so I might try them. My plan is to put 4 in the 55 gal, but a lot of people suggest 5 or 6, so we will see. I also need to wait until my carpet plants have fully taken root (although, they are progressing nicely) so they dont get dug up on me.
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