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any ideas?

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Well this sucks, i just got home from work when i look into my tank and c one of my cichild's eye is some what poped out and has a little damage above his eye too, now the eye is cloudy and white looking do u think its from fighting?? i turned up the heat to 80 and put cichlid salt in the tank with metronidazole. any other ideas on what i can do or should i wait?? hes fine and hes active and eating. the other fish r all doing great too. any ideas??? thanx for the info.

oh ya it a 50 gallon, ph. 8.3 about, nitrite 0, nitrate not sure didnt test yet, tank has been set up for 1 yr now.
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What is your normal tank maintenance routine?

Eye problems are usually caused by one of 3 things...Poor water quality, injury or bacterial infection.

I would instigate daily water changes and add Melafix. Should you see any worsening of symptoms, you may require antibiotics.
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