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Any experts on fish virus's? (Viral hemorrhagic septicemia)

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Ok I have a problem. I went fishing last week and brought home a bucket of minnows. I used an air pump out of my aquarium to keep my minnows alive over night. I put it back in my aquarium the next day.

The minnow were infected with VHS Viral hemorrhagic septicemia. This virus is a big problem in the great lakes. It's killed a lot of fish.

I have 2 zebra plecos that I'm very concened about. I'm worried about cross contamination. Suposedly this virus lives in the water. I just don't know if it will attack tropical fish.

Any fish biologists out there?

If my fish get infected they will be destroyed. :(

Heres what some info I found. I also emailed some questions to a biologist and the Michigan dnr. ... septicemia
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