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Any advice with ID’ing my fish?

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I’m new to the world of Cichlids but I want to learn more. After looking at some pictures online I’m pretty confident I have 2 pairs of Malawi Cichlids… What’s the best way to determine their exact species? I could take pictures, and I imagine their not too exotic as I got them at my local pet store at a pretty cheap price. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Post pictures of them in the Unidentified Folder. You should have some responses pretty quickly.

You could also try matching them up in our PROFILE GALLERY.
After reading my post I realize I gave no other details. One pair is bright orange, with a bright orange line on their dorsal fins. The other pair were sold as albinos, they are white with a redish dorsal fin. thanks... Would it also be safe to sex these fish with the 'male fake egg spots" on his anal fins?
Eggspots are not an indication of any particular sex.

They sound like Metriaclima estherae but a picture would confirm.
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