anti-netting device

Pseudotropheus saulosi at Taiwanee Reef in 2003. Photo by Ad Konings​

An excellent article by famed ichthyologist Ad Konings has just been made available in the Library. Folks's payback time describes the importance of the anti-netting device in preserving the cichlids in Lake Malawi and how he was able to find financing for 2000 devices.

The waters around Taiwanee Reef have been devastated by unscrupulous collectors. Particularly affected have been the populations of Pseudotropheus saulosi. A video filmed in 2010 shows how the area once known for Ps. saulosi is now almost entirely bare of the species. Take a few minutes to read the article and enjoy the underwater footage. Hopefully the simple anti-netting device will have a big impact on the preservation of cichlid species.