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morning everyone

this is going to be a bit of a long post so please bare with me. I recently got myself another tank, a hex which I do believe could be 25gal or so. Its 2 feet tall and about 20in wide. I have two other community tanks ,a 20gal, (2 ft long and 1 ft tall) and a 40? gal (custom tank) 3 ft long, 16wide and 18 1/2in high. I'm going to be moving some of my fish around and want to get a pair of cichilds for the Hex tall. So wondered if you kind folks wouldn't mind helping me out. First of the 20 gal which I don't plan to do much changes. Right now I have assorted male guppies, some fry(not breeding anymore) 6 pygmy cory, founder pleco, one small snail, i bov ram and 4 pepper cory, for filter in this tank I have an aquaclear 200

my 40 gal needs some changes as the stocking is a bit of a mess. I have 6 congo tetra's, 4 rummy nose tetras (want to get a few more at least), 6 neon tetras, 3 schuylzrs cory (want to get 3 more) ,2 bronze cory,1 clown pleco, 1 bn pleco, 3 upsidedown catfish and 1 S. nigriventris (these cats were a few attempts to get a catfish accepted into my Tang cichlid tank) But they are all happy in the community tank. my female guppies are currently in this tank, 3 danios 3 scissortail (not the giant ones) 2 otto's, 1 bolivia ram (I tried to put the two together but it didn't work out so that is why the other is in the smaller tank), 1 apis nijsseni and 2 apple snails. filtering on this tank is 303 fluval cannister, 2 aquaclear 200 filters. All my tanks have some live plants, driftwood and other hiding places.

To the hex, right now it has 8 white clouds and 3 danios. I are going to move the other danios into this tank as well. I want to move the bronze cory's and get 4 more. Should I move my female guppies? I would love to get a pair of smaller cichlids for the hex as well. Or maybe just move the Ram out of the 20 and get another but the fish is content is the tank it is in now. the fish is a lot shyer than the other one I have and I think that is why it got picked on. I also plan to get at least one small pleco for the tank as well. right now for filtering I have an aquarclear 70 and 1 internal fulval 2. I do twice weekly water changes in my tanks. the ph in all three tanks are similar about 6.6/6.8 and temperature about 78f, Anyway this is problity more inform then you need. But would appreciate any help.

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