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another mixing question

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What types of tropheus could i mix with a wild caught group of chilanga's?
I believe the Chilanga's are a red variant, but please correct me if i am wrong.

Thinking of putting a black variant in with them, maybee orange bemba's.
was going to get around 20 fry, and the chilanga's are 3"+

let me know what you think.

The fish will be housed in a 6', 135 gallon tank.


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There is a very real chance they will cross-breed.

If you want to add another variant, the safe option is duboisi.

When adding smaller fish to a tank you need to be careful.

I had a tank of 5" duboisi and when I was going to add my 13 moliro 1-1.25" I removed the duboisi from the tank. The reason behind this is because when little fish hit the top of the water even tropheus might attack it thinking they are food. I would rather be safe then have a couple of my moliro damaged due to my negligence.

Duboisi are the only tropheus that are surefire not going to hybridize with anything except maybe another duboisi type.
Chilanga's are a

Sp.reds are the worst at making a hybrid fish, so you have got to be extremely careful which tropheus variant you pick.

Your 135 gallon with 7-10X filtration turnover, and regimented weekly/bi-weekly waterchange of 50-75%, can safely accomadate 30-40 Adult Tropheus.

If your going to add a second variant pick a number closer to 30 fish total, otherwise up your Chilanga's total if you want to add more fish.

The second variant needs to be Duboisi for 100% safe, otherwise with about the only thing that might be safe is annectens. With your chilanga dark body, brightly colored flanks, you've pretty much eliminated any chance to really put another in the tank without serious risk to hybridization from any of the other Tropheus species.

Hope this helps..

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I have mixed WC with TB Tropheus without problems its not always a problem.

Are you aware of the risks involved with mixing WC and TB?
Until your wildcaughts are well established and have purged themselves really well, I would hesitate to mix in TankRaised Fish.

Sometimes wild fish bring in organisms that TankRaised fish have no exposure too, and can become ill quickly from, sometimes lead to massive die-off of the tank raised fish.

So be careful, long have your wilds been established?
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