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Another JD question

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What does BGJD mean? I had no idea that these guys were such a big deal unto themselves...found an EBJD only forum and I'm not really understanding all the lingo. All I want is to get a few into my tank without spending a small fortune :? Golds seem to be a bit less expensive but I'm having trouble locating a seller..
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BGJD's (Blue Gene Jack Dempsey) are the offspring of a Blue Dempsey and a regular JD. The fry all look like regular JD's but they carry the Blue Gene.

If you breed BGJDxBGJD, you will get 25% EBJD, 50% BGJD and 25% JD.

If you breed BGJDxEBJD, you get 50% EBJD and 50% BGJD.

Basically, you need at least 1 BGJD to be able to breed EBJD's which is why they are sought after.
EBJD = Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

BGJD = Blue Gene Jack Dempsey… as MacFish described these are required to spawn EBJD which is why they are highly sought after and when found are found with a very high price tag…

Some people are referring to Gold Dempseys as GJD and regular looking Dempseys with the recessive Gold Gene as GGJD (Gold Gene JD).

I much prefer spelling out what we mean. the extra second worth of typing may allow many more people to feel included in a post…
Thanks guys

Reminds me of the good old days when I tried breeding ball pythons...had a het pair for albino that never amounted to just cant tell if you actually got what you paid for if you catch my drift...

Anyhow, I found a supplier locally that only sells to pet stores- he is going to ship a few Golds and some EBJD's ($39 for the EB and $7 each on the golds which is a great price around here)...They will be in my tank tomorrow :drooling:
how can you tell if your JD is a BGJD?
bzartler86 said:
how can you tell if your JD is a BGJD?
Wow you revived an old post.

Anyway, you can't tell. BGJD look just like regular JDs.
yea sorry i was wondering through the pages and I read this and had that question. Ok I wasn't sure if you can some how pick them out with some kind of traits.
Hi bzartler86,

As jason_nj noted there is no way to tell based on physical traits or actions/temperments. The only true way to tell is breed them with a known BGJD or a EBJD and see if you get EBJDs.

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