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Another Demasoni question

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Hey guys, So I have a 55 gallon tank that has been cycling for awhile and it's almost done. I've flip flopped on my stocking list many times and I'm starting to really know what I like. I've always loved how Demasoni look but I've gone back and forth on them because of their aggression. I have also fell in love with Rusty's and Yellow Labs and I'm wondering what you guys think. I just rockscaped my tank and tried to make a lot of nooks and crannies secretly hoping I could add Demasoni, so I'm wondering if in a 55 gallon their is room for 15 demasoni, 5 rusty (1m:4fm) and 5 yellow lab (1m:4fm). Would I have better luck adding more Demasoni and just having 1 other species?

I would really appreciate some opinions on this and if I need to add more rocks or change anything in my tank in order to make this work. Thanks!

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that would be pushing it a bit IMO, although it's probably possible with larger water changes and good filtration. The tank looks great btw. If I were you, I would get 15 demasoni and then 5 electric yellows or rusties, whatever you like more. I'm curious to see what other people think.
Good luck :popcorn:
I wish I could hide the filter and heater but I think the only way is to make my own background so that will have to wait awhile I think. If filtration is the only issue I could upgrade my filters but I have a feeling you're going to be right when you said sticking with 2 species. Thanks for the response. :thumb:
Hey man check out the Cynotilapia sp. "hara" my tank is going to be up and running in about a week and I'm for sure getting some of those, they would look really cool with some rusties if you did 7 or so of each.
General rule of thumb is 2 species with demasoni in a 55g.
:D Just watched your youtube video GTZ ... LOL, I love the music! :thumb:
:lol: Thanks. I was inspired. :wink:
treym563 said:
wondering if in a 55 gallon their is room for 15 demasoni, 5 rusty (1m:4fm) and 5 yellow lab (1m:4fm)
I think this would work. Aim for 12 demasoni once extra males have been removed.
I agree with djransom but the only thing i would add is another filter. IN ur pic it looks like u just have 1 marineland hang on,I would def get another and then u should be good to go.Good Luck!!
Yep that's all I have on there right now, I have another biowheel filter that's a little smaller than the one that's on their now I'll add that on and hopefully that should be enough. If needed I'll get a spong filter too and hide it behind the rocks.

On another note I just talked to an internet fish supplier and they have all my fish I want to stock (rusty/lab/demasoni) but I'm hesitant about adding them all at once. If I had to do them seperatly should I get the 10 rusty's and 10 labs (I'll be thinning down to 1m:4fm of each) and then after a couple weeks get the 20 Demasoni (thinning to 12 Demasoni-thanks DJ :D )? I'm worried about the bioload on my newly cycled tank. The thinking of adding the rusty/labs first is cause they are not as aggresive so if I add the Demasoni first they might run the tank and be even more feisty if I add my rusty/lab after. I could be totally wrong though, so any input is welcome.
if they're pretty small, it won't be too bad of a bio load and the tank will have time to catch up before they get too big. might have to do more water changes if anything.
Try to pick up a second hand cannister filter if you can instead of adding a HOB.

I agree with DJ though, I'd keep it to the magic number twelve demasoni, and maybe cut back to 1m/3f of the other two species if you are going to go with just the hang on backs.
It's funny you mention a canister filter because I was looking at them today. I found one that has been very highly rated and it seems really cheap for what it is. ... 891&sr=8-1

It's a cascade canister filter rated for 100 gallons. Would I be able to get rid of both my HOB and just use that with my fish? Seems like a great deal for something reviewed so highly and less than half the price of the Fluval and other name brand ones.
What is the gallons per hour (gph) of the filter? I like to have about 7X hourly turnover in my tanks.
The biggest one does 350GPH. I have bio-wheels right now, if I were to switch over to a canister filter would I just let it run with my bio-wheels until it's seeded? What's the best way to get a filter going on your already established tank?
I like to let the new one run for two weeks alongside of the old one. I also like to have two filters on every tank, just in case of a problem with one.
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