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Hi all,
I am not a cichlid expert but love the way they look. After a recent visitor to our house mistakenly placed something on top of my tank and bumped the heater thus frying my 4" blue Lab (?) I decided to rebuild the whole tank including a fully submerssible heater.
I now have a 20 gallon tank with an 8" sunken ship surrounded buy a few tall plants to one side with a ton of tall fake plants to the other side. I have 3 cichlids I bought at the same time as infants (less then 1 inch long). A yellow, I think Lab, with dark vertical stripes, a blue one and an orange one which I am assuming is not a naturally occuring color. The yellow one has not grown at the same rate as the other two and at about 1 inch is very 'shy'. The blue fish has become very aggressive primarily toward the orange one. They are both about 2 inches now.
The aggressiveness has become increasingly rough and I am worried about the orange fish getting stressed. Should I add more fish to balance the group? Add more 'stuff' to the tank? Remove the blue fish or maybe remove the yellow one? Please help! Thanks,
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