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Not sure how long ago I added these guys but I know it's been just about a week, came home last night from watching Kung Fu Panda to this pair laying eggs - I've since removed the other angels except for another large male that is content to stay on his side of the 75 gallon...thought I'd share.

Video: ... I_0341.flv

Unsure if the eggs are fertile or not, the waters out here are pretty hard and I never really saw the male going over them, but I was only half paying attention to em' last night, so we'll see. Far as I can tell only two have turned white and the rest remain clear, but it's hard to tell under the yellow light of 5600k.

I'll probably move them to their own tank in the future as this is a highly crowded community tank, I don't expect the wrigglers to last if they do in fact hatch, though I was surprised the eggs lasted through the night so who knows. The father being wild caught may give them a bit of a chance as far as getting some defense.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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