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The cookie cutter states 4 angels.

My 55 has two (1 pair) and I think thats enough.

Heavily plant it with val and see what happens, they might be fine, they might not.

So no, do not add more angels.

Other could add cory catfish, any larger bodied tetra or hatchets, and my favorite, dwarf cichlids. Rams and apisto's but also cuviceps work very well with angels.

Sure you could add barbs and all that, but I personally prefer to stick with the general locale of each fish, so I would only keep angels with other south american species.

Some notes though before you go adding. Check the cookie cutter tanks, you dont want to overpopulate. In my opinion, an understocked tank looks better than an overstocked one anyway. Mixed tetra's....smaller tetras = angelfish food. You might loose a few of them. Some tetras are also fin nippers, you might need to remove them to give your angels some peace. mean regular pleco or a type of pleco? Bristlenose and some other pleco's stay small, the common pleco gets huge. That fish will severely limit what you can put into the tank, and a large reason will be bioload.
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