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Hi, I made a video of my angelfish to get a diagnostic :

(dont mind the dog whining in background) :)

This guy is a survivor of a tank genocide. Only him and an ancitrus pleco survived a case of super-ich and fungus that wiped a whole tank about 1 year ago. I cured him I believe as he is super active, always eager for food and lively.

Only one problem remains, I find his belly to be kinda swollen but I'm not sure if its only me being paranoid. He has been like that for as long as I can remember but I finally decided to post about it. His poo is normal but he does seem to have a slightly protuding anus (You can see it in the end of the video).

Should I treat the tank? I have jungle parasite clear and seachem metroplex on hand but I am hesitant to treat while he's being so normal in behavior.

Here are the spec of my second tank where he lives:
filtration: 2x aquaclear 70
temp: 26.5
ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: Always below 5ppm
ph: 7,5 (tap water is 7 but the substrate I use seem to buffer alot: seachem meridian)
Tankmates: 5 rosy barbs, 4 corydora sterbai, 1 ancitrus pleco(the other survivor)
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