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I need to pick you folks brains a bit on experience with angelfish. Situation was that I had two pair of angelfish and assorted fish in a 55 and both pair decided to lay eggs at opposite ends of the tank. Thinking I would save some fry, I moved the assorted fish (including plecos) out to other tanks. In stirring things around and adding a divider between the two sets of fish, I disrupted things too much. One set of eggs disappeared and the female was getting beaten up by the male. I moved the female out to recover and then put her back after a few days. The male started beating again so I put him in a net for an hour. As I had an ad in to sell one pair already, I left the divider in. Now that I'm down to one pair and let the male out of the net, things seem back to them being a pair again.

Big question is, what are the odds that this will stay a pair if there are no other fish involved?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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