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I have to both agree and disagree.

I disagree with the view that this tank is overstocked. A 75 will be fine for two pair of P. scalare, especially for highly line-bred types like Pariba. The tetras are small fishes that will contribute only marginally to the bioload, as will the cory's. And with an FX4 running this tank, your filtration should be more than adequate.

I agree with the view that you don't want to add too many more fishes. For sure, you do not want to add discus to this tank, as that is a whole different ballgame. A few of the larger and more hardy Apisito's? Sure. Small Acara's? Ditto, but in either case you may want to re-home the pleco.

I also totally agree with all the suggestions about water management.

Keep an eye on the angels as they mature, pair off, and establish territories. Use plants (e. g. Vallisneria) to break up the sight lines in the tank as an aid to delineating the boundaries of the territories.

You're on the right track; enjoy! :fish:
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