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angel fish

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will an angel fish eat a neon tetra when it gets bigger and older?
i just bought a 75 gallon today and im still thinking on what im going to put in it.
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It's quite possible. That's not to say it will happen, but if you are really worried about losing the neons, you may want to think about a larger-bodied tetra. How big is the angel right now?

It is somewhat of a balancing act when choosing a tetra for an angel tank. I've had problems with black skirts and serpaes nipping at my angels' fins, and would not recommend them.
well i dont have any fish for it yet, but if i do go with a tropical tank it would be about 1-2 inches long.

well im not really into skirt tetras, but if i cant get neons ill go with cardinals.

but thats if i do go with tropical fish.
my other choice is to be a malawi hap/peacock tank.
sorry i had to edit this post cause i posted 2 of the same post.

if somone can they can delete this post.

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