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Hello all

I wanted to toss out a little update on my 75 gallon Mbuna tank. It was a hard road getting everything set up. Many days and nights I just wanted to throw in the towel.

I lost quite a bit of fish. Annoyed a bunch of people here I am sure. But I can say that everything seems to have settled in and is looking good.

Right now I have 4 yellow labs (I believe 1:3) that are about 3"-4", 9 rusties (2 of which are 3"-4", the other 7 around 2"), 6 synos and 1 albino bushynose.

I was down to 4 labs, 2 rusties and 2 socolofi. I rehomed the socolofi and added 7 new rusties. They all seem to be doing well.

I also moved the rocks around to create 6 triangular shaped areas of sand in between the pyramids of rock.

Next on the agenda is to bring in 4 to 6 more yellow labs. Let them settle and establish, then a month or 2 later bring in a group of mainganos. Hopefully the good trend will continue and I can settle in around 20 mbuna in this 75 gallon and I can just sit back and watch and enjoy.

Thanks to all the fine folks of this group for your help, support and suggestions.

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