Amphilophus trimaculatus, aka Trimac Cichlid, from Central America.

A. trimaculatus is a Central American cichlid that makes its home in rivers and lagoons. Originally from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Southern Mexico. A. trimaculatus has been introduced to other areas of Mexico and Central America. Males can grow quite large reaching up to 15 inches. Females will be a few inches shorter. They can be aggressive and should be kept with other fish that can take care of themselves. Such a large fish should not be kept in anything smaller than a 75 gallon tank. Since they do best when not alone, consider a larger tank to accommodate tank mates. Like other cichlid species, more information on A. trimaculatus can be found on its species profile page.

Amphilophus trimaculatus

Amphilophus trimaculatus (Trimac) by George Chernilevsky​