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Ammonia and nitrite levels question / minispike???

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I just added some fish to my new tank. I was given bacteria beads from a previously established filter which I added to my filter. The bacteria beads were handling a bioload that was bigger than what was added to my tank. I added 7 1-2" cobalt blues and 9 .5-1" yellow labs. My water readings are: 1ppm ammonia, .25ppm nitrite, and 10ppm nitrate. My fish do not seem to be suffering or having any ill effects at all. All are very active, eating well, and the cobalts even tried to spawn.

I was just wondering how the experts here think I should proceed (ie water change, add prime to remove some ammonia and nitrites, do nothing and wait, add bio spira, etc). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.
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Prime will help you break the ammo down i'd do small water changes and add the prime to the new water
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