Amatitlania sp

Amatitlania sp. "Honduran Red Point". Photo by Dave Hansen​

Amatitlania sp. "Honduran Red Point" fist appeared in the hobby almost 15 years ago where it went by a variety of names. There has always been speculation that this fish is a variant of Amatitlania nigrofasciata (convict cichlid). However, many hobbyist believe that it is a different species. Despite its attractive coloration, ease of breeding and temperament, this species has not gained much traction in the hobby.

In an aquarium, Amatitlania sp. "Honduran Red Point" males reach about 4 inches while females are about an inch shorter. They readily accept all types of food and are believed to be omnivores. They can be shy and do best when provided caves. Once comfortable, A. sp. "Honduran Red Point" will pair up and stake out some territory. Eggs are laid on a hard surface and spawns yield about 50 fish. The adults will look after the fry until they are old enough to be on their own. To discuss A. sp. "Honduran Red Point" visit the Central American Cichlids forum.