Altolamprologus compressiceps pair. Photo by Russ Fairburn.​

Altolamprologus is a Genus of cichlids from Lake Tanganyika comprised of two species; calvus and compressiceps. Their appearance is rather unique among cichlids with their laterally compressed body and upturned snout. Make no mistake, these fish are predators and they look the part. In recent years, finding adult specimens has become difficult as imports have dwindled.

For those that do have adult specimens, breeding and raising Altolamprologus can be a challenge. The species is known for exceptionally high mortality rates. Fortunately Russ Fairburn, who has been breeding them for 10 years, has put together an article to help increase survival rates. The article contains detailed information of sex ratios, water quality and foods, along with many great pictures. If breeding these species is something your are interested in or would like to just read about Russ' experiences, check out the new article in the Breeding section of the library. For discussion on Altolamps, visit the Lake Tanganyika section of the forum.