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alto comp

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So i bought a comp a little over a year and a half ago and it seems as if it has hardley grown at all (i know they are slow growers and all) but i have bought another one since then that was smaller than mine and he has already out grown the other by double. IS this normal? Is there a species of comp that doesn't get big?
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There are a few variants from different geographical locations that do not get big. These comps are usually referred to as Altolamprologus compressiceps "Sumbu". They max out at around 2.5-3".
It's possible that your first comp is a female and your second could be a male. Just a thought.
if it is a female and the second male what would that mean to the growth rate? in 8 mos the second reached the size of the first one and then doubled it
How long is the "small fish in question? Post a pic maybe?
2 1/4" Also i looked at the Sumbu profile, I have shells in my tank and my comp show little or no interest. Here are som pics he's a hard guy to get a good pic but here yah go. Oh yeah, Thanks for the help.

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it was actually sold to me as a red cheek comp (see the blush mark an his cheek :) , but any internet research turns no results. fyi
Its a good looking fish! I'm thinking that its likely a female, they tend to be a fair bit smaller than the males.
is it normal for males and females to fight? They are seperated now but when they were in the same tank they fought a lot. here are some pics of the other one.

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cute little guy, I love comps/calvus
If the bigger one was pushing the smaller one around a little, and she was bending in "defense", they were likely in the preamble of mating. I had yellow calvus and they females looked like they were going to get killed, and then she jumps in the shell and babies are there lol.

They are tough fish.
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