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Please give me your ideas. I found this acei this am. Lost a electric yellow 1 week ago.
But didn't look this bad. I thought he was bullied This malawi tank has been up and running for 1 year without problems. I do 25% water change every 6 or 7 days.
Sand substrate
Lots of rock
marineland canister
aquaclear110 HOB
reef rock was added 1week ago to buffer
underwater jets X4 with 2 cap 800 pumps
Ph 7.8- has dropped from 8.2 within 2 months
ammonia 0 gh-15
nitrite 0 kh 6 this has dropped from 8
nitrates 40 this has always been high can't get it down. nitrates in public water

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From the little I can see of the fish he does look like he's been beat up. Can you possibly move him to a separate tank? It may be too late for him but you really never know with these fish and I wouldn't give up on him until he's dead.

While we often refer to these fish as 'aggressive' its a mistake to think that it's in any way natural for them to fight to the point of injurying or killing each other.
It may be that you need to make some stocking changes to your tank. Depending on what species you currently have this may mean removing or adding fish. Sometimes its just an issue of having the right number of females in which case you'd need to get more fish but sometimes you have one or two overly aggressive/territorial fish that need to be removed. If you post your list of fish either here or in the appropriate folder, (Malawi most likely), then you can get some insight on what you need to do.

Melafix, isolation and pristine water conditions are what the acei needs. Hope he makes it, they are wonderful fish.
Please post back with additional questions/concerns.

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