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All-White Mbuna

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I was at my LFS today and saw an all-white Mbuna, but I'm usure of its identification. It was labelled as "White Zebra". It wasn't albino (black eyes), but it was also purely white.

Apart from snow-white Socolofis, which all-white Mbunas exist? Are any of them naturally all-white, or line-bred/albinos?

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These are naturally occuring in the Lake.
Hmmm... I think it may have been...
That is funny.. I saw the exact same thing in a store in Philadelphia today and asked about it and was told it was a white zebra. I noticed the fish because it was the most pure white mbuna I have ever seen, no pink coloration at all and the eyes were black so it was not an albino. I looked it up on the internet and I think it was a pseudotropheus zebra: ... ezebra.htm

It did not really look like any white variety of Met. callainos I have seen though.

Funny you saw the same fish today too. I almost posted that question and then I found that picture on the internet and it satisfied my curiosity. It was a very pretty fish though.
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