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I am curious if anyone is using the "all-in-one" or nano type tanks to keep cichlids in? By all-in-one I am referring to the tank setup where the filtration, heater and pump is located within the tank, usually the back. Saltwater enthusiasts use these for mini-reefs.

Several years ago I took a 37g cube (20"x18"x24"H) and partitioned off the back 4" of the tank With plexglass and built-in the filtration and pump. Built a stand and hood. The hood contains six 18 watt flourescent bulbs.

Stocked it with a few SA fish and a few java ferns and presto. The tank is almost self supporting. Occasionally topping off the tank due to evaporation. The fish and plants seem to have struck a good balance.

It was an enjoyable build. I'd encourage you to consider building one.
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