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all four species holding now!!

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well i posted recently about 3 species holding as of now (cobalt,yellow lab,maingano) then checked on them today and found that a yellow tail acei is now holding. :eek: :drooling:

that's every one in my tank doing the mojo tango

then chromedome jumped over the moon :thumb:
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*Gives chromedome a high-five*
Woooo hoooo Congrats Chromedome :thumb: What ya gonna do with all those babies? Are you going to strip them or let them spit? In the main tank or another? Just curious :wink: .
g-day guys,

kanorin, hey a high five coming back at ya!

dewdrop, i intend to strip them into a 10g tank and all going well trade them at the lfs for credit or sell them in the local trading post.
helps pay their way does'nt it. but the joy i'm getting is payment enough. :thumb:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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