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Airbrushing Background

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I did a quick search of airbrushing and didnt find really anything, maybe its just me since its late :zz: but anyway.. I was wondering if anyone has any info on using an airbrush method on backgrounds. Thinking maybe airbrush then clear epoxy after.. just a thought.
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A lot of people that make DIY backgrounds don't use the mortar method at all... When I make mine it's going to be with foam and epoxy... Because I want a 'mud bank' style I don't need a lot of foam (I don't need the thickness to carve rocks etc). Plenty of silicone will hold the background in place :thumb:

If you wanted to airbrush the foam I guess the 2 concerns would be to use a paint that wouldn't eat the styro, and then seal it all up with a potable epoxy...

With mine I am going to paint the foam with the epoxy and then cover the epoxy with sand (while the epoxy is still wet). I am counting on having to do this several times to completely hide the pink or blue colour of the styro - so maybe painting it brown first isn't a bad idea...
hmmm... food for thought...
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