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Agressive male fish ?

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We have a very agressive male in our tank :( has been in the tank from the very start, one of the first fish we put in, but he is getting out of hand, any tips on how to control this,i dont want to get rid but if thats the only way then he is gone. plus i dont want to keep him in a holding tank,dont see the point of having a fish if they can not move around the tank. The funny thing is, this fish is one of the smallest fish i have, they is several males a lot bigger then him :-? :-? :-? hear is a photo of the fish .
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People have always said that cichlids are very intelligent for fish. I have even heard that oscars can learn tricks. So I figured that if they learn tricks they can learn other things such as discipline. what i do is I thrust a finger or whatever I have in my hand right at the aggressive male whenever I see him chasing someone else . It probably means and changes nothing but for the moment but I do it whenever I see my dominant male beating up on my other males. they're still alive
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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