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Agressive male fish ?

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We have a very agressive male in our tank :( has been in the tank from the very start, one of the first fish we put in, but he is getting out of hand, any tips on how to control this,i dont want to get rid but if thats the only way then he is gone. plus i dont want to keep him in a holding tank,dont see the point of having a fish if they can not move around the tank. The funny thing is, this fish is one of the smallest fish i have, they is several males a lot bigger then him :-? :-? :-? hear is a photo of the fish .
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his tank mates are posted on the photo section called few of my fish by gaz131, its a 210 litre,( it )as it shall be named for now then does a lot of dancing to 3 i know for defo are femaile sort of a shimering shiver sorry if that sound funny but that what it looks like and it chases any fish that comes even near its cave.

that the only other pic i have of IT . dont think it will help much but there u go .
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Well now i know what he is what would a female look like maybe he wants some, if you know what i mean, lol. I love the look of him he the best looking fish i have, but the rest just as nice to me many thanks Gary
What are you saying that a 4ft x18"x18" tank is not big enough for him :-?
right thank you for that i did have 4 of them but i now only have 2 left they was killed a few weeks ago they was fine when i turn of the light one night the next morning one was dead the next a few days later but i did have one that was holding at the time and i now have 21 fry from her growing on in a holding net and one that is still ok but dont think he likes that one chases that one all over.
What to do, because i may now have 21 of this fish babies so that sound like a lot of more agressive little buggers to deal with the problem i have is over hear in England shop owner dont know there arse from there elbow and told me that all the fish i got would be fine together, think he was talking out of his bum, i will see how things go for now, as none of the fish are getting any damage to them (yet) , but if he needs to go does any one want to make me an offer for him lol dont think the wife will let me get a new tank :D not yet anyway lol and thank you all for the info :thumb:
Many thanks again kim you have been very helpfull we will see how it goes for now fingers crossed
Yes i know what you mean. I dont have any fish that look ill ,or hide they all eat well and they all get some, and are growing very well.They all free swim around its just him being a bit of a bully, as you say keeping an eye on him and the rest thats not a problem, the tank is 2 ft away from my pc in our conservatory and i spend most of my time in there, on the pc, playing my guitar, or just watching the fish, so i have my eye on him. the only good thing about this is that i have a holding net with 29 fry in there growing very well, just above his cave and he keep the rest of the fish away from them, i not lost one in 4 and a half weeks, he make for a good gard dog lol, but thank you again kim and the rest of you.I will let yo know how thing go. Many thanks again Gary. :D .
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