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just started keeping some cichlids, my stocking so far is as follows
2 convicts
1 firemouth
10 red forrest jewel cichlids (letting a couple grow out will most likely only keep a couple )
1 blue acara
2 geophase brazil (horrible spelling)
1 blue texas cichlid
1 3 spot gourami ( this guy is a monster kept killing fish until he went in with the cihclids )

i love the tank so far but i recently added the 2nd geophages i did some research on them before buying an apparently they are meant to be peacefull an the one i had, to begin with, was fine no aggression apart from the niping at the convicts an sometimes the blue texas, but when i added the 2nd geo to the mix aggression has broken out between the 2 geos all the time an now the biggest out of geo's is just being a bully to most things in the tank

so my question is one, whats the best way to deal with the aggression, im currently going with the overstock method as im over filtering the **** out of the tank an eventually ill move up too 100-125 gallon aquarium just waiting for some fish to grow out, so what should i do for the aggression should i add more fish of similar size or is it because i have dwarf cichlids a normal cichlids, the fish aren't too aggressive but I'm starting to nice some of the fish look a little beat up

also im thinking of adding a red bay snook x1, jaguar cihclid x1 an another firemouth or 3 more geo's let me know curious on peoples opion
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