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Hello all, I'm new here and new into african cichlids world.

I recently move to a new home and my water parameters are:
NO2, NO3, CL=0

I already have a tank, dimensions are:
Lenght = 70cm
Width = 40cm
Height = 50 cm

The thickness of the glass is 6mm, the bottom is 10mm.

Because of the hard water I intend to put some african cichlids into my tank, even the size is not so generous. I already talked to some guys from a local forum and I intend to go for"
- Neolamprologus multifasciatus - 6~10 fishes OR
- Neolamprologus leleupi - 6 fisches

I have few questions for you, and I would like to help in advance for help :thumb:
- what kind of filter do you suggest me ? In Bucharest/Romania the Eheim brand is highly appreciated and I intend to go for it. What is the general rule ? Haw many liters per hour ? What model do you suggest me ?
- what kind of substrate ? for Neolamprologus multifasciatus sand and sheils is enough, or I need some rocks also ? For Neolamprologus leleupi rocks and sand ? What is the "ideal" thickness of the sand in my tank ?
- I can put 3 light bulbs into my tank, what kind of model do you suggest me ?
- when I put the rocks, it is recommended to put them directly to the bottom glass or I need to put something between the glass and rocks ?
- about the nitrogen cicle, how you recommend to do, with or without fishes ? (a link for a tutorial would be great)
- about the water change, what is the general rule, 10%, 15%, 20% per week ?

I know, a lot of questions for a beginner. I had a planted tank before , but not with africans.

thank you for your help.

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I'll touch on a couple of points.

1. The tank might be too small for N. leleupi. I've seen them kept in tanks this size before, but I've also seen males that would be too aggressive for a tank this size. If you do choose them, You will need MANY hiding places, with layers and layers of rocks for caves.

2. I would put the base rocks on the glass, so they can't dig underneath and have them fall on the fish.

3. N. multifasciatus -> Just sand and shells will do, but you can put in a few rocks on the bottom, just for your viewing pleasure.
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