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Hello all! I'm looking for some ideas, I have a few options to consider and need some advice. I currently have a 55gal with a group of Afra Cobue (1m,2f,2unknown), a group of Ruby Red Peacocks (1m,4f), and 1 suspected female Venustus (random i know, a friend had to get rid of her).

Now I have an empty 75 gallon I am currently cycling, and I plan on getting a large tank anywhere from 180-220gal. very soon. The 55gal will turn into the sump for my large tank I have yet to purchase.

My question is, would I be able to keep the peacocks with the Afras in the 75? Or should I stick to mbuna only? What else could I add? I've always wanted Polits, but I am afraid of cross breeding with the Afras.

I plan on putting the lone Venustus in the large tank along with a few more to make a group, as well as a group of VC-10s and other Haps I have yet to decide on.
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