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Aequidens ID

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Good day,

This guy came in as a contaminant with a shipment of wild color blue acaras.

Very shy fish, around 2.5". In with a group of juvenile thorichthys maculipinnis.

I wanted aequidens diadema years ago, I've only ever seen it twice and regret not purchasing it each time.
I believe this to be of the diadema type, I know there are a bunch of closely related species like a. Metae.

Would anyone know exactly what species this is?

Thanks in advance,


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Awesome, thanks for responding Duane.

I have been looking into it myself but I keep finding conflicting information regarding the facial markings. Every time I think I've nailed it I read something contradictory.
The tear shape marking is long and thin, it lightens and darkens depending on either light level or mood.

This guy is very timid, if I approach the tank he shoots into the plants or driftwood. Very difficult to photograph.

I was thinking of getting a wild form blue acara (not a big fan of the electric blue) as a centerpiece single to go with my maculipinnis group. This guy came in with them as a contaminant. I've always loved the look of the adult diadema.

I managed to get some pics in natural light for the face markings, it really seems to accentuate iridescence.
sorry for the dubious quality.

Hopefully this helps!

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