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Hello to All.!!!
Thanks for the join.!

I am just in the "thinking" (planning) mode for starting up a 75 GALLON Tank based on the South American (Amazon) Cichlid community fish.
I have written down the fish I would like.
Now the hard part comes → in selecting the Equipment to keep the tank operating naturely and safely...

This is what I have thought of buying:

Fluval 406 Cannister Filter

Aquaclear 70 HOB Filter ( Secondary Filter)

And all the "necessary" Media to go into them.!

Heater (1 or 2.???)

Hood & Lighting.(???)

Sand Substrate. (Pool)

Plastic Plants. Maybe a few Live Ones.

Multiple type rocks to make caves. (???)

The Fish I Would Like:

Long Fin German Blue Rams (2 Males)

Long Fin Electric Blue Ram (1 Female → Hopefully to pair with one of the Male German Rams ???))

Long Fin Gold Ram (1 Female → Hopefully to pair with one of the Male German Rams ???)

Apistogramma Cacatouides (2 Pair)

Sailfin Molly (2 Pair)

Lyetail Swordfish (1 Pair)

Corydoras Catfish ( 3 Pandas, 3 Albino, 3 Sterbai )

Maybe some different colored Shrimp.???

Redtail Shark (1)

Weather Loach (1)

Clown Loach (2)

Dwarf Gourami (1 Pair)

Maybe more in the future...

It's been over 30 years since I had my last 60 gallon community tank. I would think there is so much newer and better equipment to use, and I am unaware of what they are, and how to coordinate them all together to make "One Natural, Clean, and Healthy Aquarium".....

Does anyone have any comments or advise.???


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I got to jump in real quick, ditch the HOB for a second canister. I just threw out a noisy AC 110, once those things get sand in them, they're toast! Plus the micro bubbles, -yak!
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