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Hey all....first let me apologize about the long post.

I'll lay out the background info first

Standard 48" 75G tank
Water Parameters were perfect.

Old stock list

1 OB Peacock
3 Yellow Labs
2 Red Zebra
4 Acei
2 Rustys
16 Demasoni baby
1 Clown Pleco
1 Standard Pleco
1 Pictus Cat

I had added the Demasoni baby's about 3 weeks previous to what I call D-Day. I noticed my Red Zebra was holding....and then a few days later I come to find all my demasoni baby's dead. I believe my Female Red Zebra was responsible for the deaths. The entire tank was very very stressed and I lost a lot of fish then to what I think was bloat. I was never really able to identify what was causing it. stock was devastated and I'm on my way to rebuilding.

I'm back to

3 Yellow Labs
2 Rusties
2 Demasoni
2 Pleco
1 Pictus Cat

If any of my stock list decide to spawn....what are the chances that this could happen again?
I plan on expanding their numbers.....but I'm in a holding pattern right now waiting for a new set of Demasoni fry to grow out. the rock work in my tank sufficient for say 15 or do dems with the labs and rusties?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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