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Hello, looking for some advice for my 75g mbuna tank.


Tank is a standard size 75 gallon.
[email protected] 8.2
kept at 79 degrees
0ppm for ammo/nitrite
WC every 5-7 days @ 30% -50% depending on nitrate lvl
PFS substrate and about 200lbs of basalt for hardscape.
Tank has been cycled and stocked since Oct 2016

Current stock is a two year old P.Saulosi harem 1m/6f.
I am also growing out another 10 juvies 1" to 2" at present. They are all survivor fry.
I also have a group of six Syno. Lucipinnis that were added last April and growing fast.

My goal for the tank is 3 species. I would ideally like to have my Saulosi group at 2 displaying males and 6 to 8 females.
I know the chances of getting one of my male juvies to color up when is daddy is ruling the roost is slim to none.
I plan on a 1m/4f harem for my other species. I will purchase 8 of each to begin.
I have begun cycling another tank to either grow out these juvies and the two other species that I plan to add, or to rehome my
adult Saulosi to the new tank and grow out the rest in my 75g. New tank dimensions are 36"L x 15"W x 20"D.

So my first question is:
1) rehome the adults and do my growout in main tank or vice-versa?

I am leaning toward rehoming my adults to the new tank and gaining a few more survivors to work with and or
moving my females back to the 75g once my young males begin to display, and growing out new stock in the 75g. Rehoming extra males
is not a problem since I have a good rep with my LFS(mom and pop store).

My second question is:
2) regarding species of course. :fish: I want some more blue fish and some contrast as well. The four species I am considering are:

Cobalt Zebras- Met. Callainos (lots of blue)
White Top Hara- Cyno.sp "hara" (contrasting male with blue females)
White Labs- L. Caeruleus "Nkhata" (for constrast)
Rusties- I. Sprengerae (contrast)

A)saulosi-cobalts-rusties or B)saulosi-hara-white lab/rusties(not sure of the contrast with the haras and labs). These combos seem less likely for hybrids.
I have the Lucipinnis already but I do not want to keep another tank for highly likely hybrids. (I know hybrids are always possible)

C)saulosi-cobalts-hara or D)saulosi-cobalts-white labs. These two options seem more likely to cross.

Of course there may be something I have not thought of, but not interested any red/orange/OB, nor socoloffi or maingano.

Third question is about an online vendor. I have used a online-breeder out here in the intermountain west, but they are not carring these species right now.
My LFS sources from a northwest seller, but their stock seems pretty poor. I am guessing it is sourced from the asian "mega" breeders.
Anyway would appreciate a PM concerning a retailer.

Thank you for any and all your expert advice!

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Not sure I followed everything, but I would not put adults in the 36" tank except for the 3-week quarantine of any newly purchased fish.

Juveniles/grow-outs/newly purchased fish can be mixed with adults as long as they are 1.5" long including tail.

I'd skip the hara with saulosi. Callainos or acei for your blue.

White labs are always good with saulosi.

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Thanks for your reply DJ, after thinking on it some more I decided that both the Acei and Callianos are out due to their size. I personally don't care for a 6" fish in a 48" tank. Even a 5" fish is pushing my preference. I am going to rehome my adult saulosi male and see if I can get 2 of my juvies to color up. Three displaying males would be terrific, and keep 10-12 females. A larger group will restrict the number of additional species, but maybe its time to consider another 48" or better tank.
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