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Adult Goby with Juvies?

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Has anyone ever introduced a single adult goby to a handful of juvies? I'm considering getting a single tang. irsacae as the rock-dweller for my 29 gallon multifasciatus tank, with the idea that when I get a bigger tank, I can get handful of juvies and let him (her?) pick his favorite as they grow ;). Is this likely to work out or would I be condemning him to a live of bachelorhood (or spinsterhood, depending... I suppose I could always get her a school of dwarf petricola cats if she ends up alone)?

On a separate note, is the 29 going to be enough room for a single goby? I'm planning to have about 2/3 of the footprint taken up by a shellbed, with a rockpile on one end and maybe a solo rock in the opposite corner for a perch. I could reduce the shellbed to more like 1/2 with 2 smaller rockpiles (one on each end) if that would work better -- for a single fish though i'm thinking one big rockpile might be best though.

Anyhow, those who have kept gobies, please lemme know what you think! I'm not stuck on irsacae, but i think they're the smallest so I was thinking they'd be most appropriate for this tank.

There won't be a huge amount of water movement in the tank, but it will be well aerated due to the wet/dry filter in the 10 gallon sump.


-Rick (the armchair aquarist)
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My thoughts are that it won't work as well as you would like. First off, you are assuming that your first singleton goby will be a good breeder, of decent stock and genetics, and will accept a partner from among the juveniles later. Either way, it will out-compete younger/smaller gobies that may be better choices from which a pair should form. You essentially take away the choice from the other gobies. My experience has been that forced pairs do not behave as well as those formed from a group of equals.

My male gobies have outlived their female partners. Right now I've got two old widowers whom I don't trust with younger gobies. I reintroduced a female who had previously bred with the male in my avatar after his partner died, the three were a trio for about six months. But the widowed male bred with the 2nd female and then killed her. I hadn't anticipated losing all my breeding females, and so have been conservative with my growing juveniles, because they just wouldn't stand a chance against the older, larger, smarter males if they decided to be nasty.
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Yeah, I was afraid that might be the case. I'm thinking I'll just go with another rockdweller until I get a bigger tank. Some day though... i wil have gooobieees!!!

-Rick (the armchair aquarist, who is quite sure that once he actually has fish his longing for gobies will diminish)
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